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Kasem Team

Kasem Old Testament translation


The Kasem OT team
The Kasem OT team

Here is the team working on the Old Testament translation in Kasem.

From left to right:

Philip (now based in the UK)

Rev. Abraham Ayiakwo

Rev. James Wεchu

Rev. Jonah Kwotua

and sitting on the left is Jonah’s youngest, Ernestina

Jonah is Pastor of the Liberty Worship Centre in Paga.

Abraham is Pastor of a church in Pungu, near Navrongo.

James is Pastor of a church in Kajelo.


The translation goes through several stages and we often review previous drafts in the light of later experience. So the following is a guide to how far we have got. Up until final publication, nothing is ‘final’.

First draft: 100 %

Checked for accuracy and clarity: 97%

Consultant checks completed: 70%

Books still to be drafted:  None !!

Target date for competion of work on OT: May 2013

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  1. Augustine Chongaterah permalink

    Well done

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